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Smart collections

Boost your catalog with our tool for creating and editing smart product groups and collections. Easily add, delete and modify groups and collections to update your catalog at any time, boosting the versatility and efficiency of your business.

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A versatile tool that allows you to create groups and collections of products efficiently. Whether it’s importing from a file, manually selecting existing categories or products, or using advanced filters like average rating, inventory, or price discount, our tool gives you complete flexibility.

Find, organize and manage your catalog with detailed descriptions and custom tags!

Modify and update

Customize and refine your Smart Collections with our modify and edit feature. With this tool, you can include or exclude previously created product groups with complete flexibility and precision. Optimize your catalog with ease and agility!

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Classification and Filtering of Products:

Manual Arrangement: Customize the arrangement of your products.

Advanced Product Filtration: Refine your results based on your specific needs.

Product Tags: Organize and highlight your products with custom tags.

Default and Custom Campaigns:
Boost your marketing strategies with predefined campaigns for specific seasons or promotions.

Product recommendations

Optimize your product selection with our smart recommendations!

Thanks to our advanced SmartMan.AI algorithm, we identify the best products or those with the lowest inventory. Providing scoring recommendations to boost your catalog productivity.

Boost your business with the best decisions!

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"SmartMan has helped us to easily and quickly organize the products in my store, increasing sales of promoted products and allowing us to better manage inventory."

Lorena Jaramillo

"SmartMan is an innovative project tailored to our needs. It organizes our stores in a much faster and more customer-focused way".

Juan Felipe Prada Suárez Professional Back e-Commerce of ESTUDIO DE MODA SAS

"SmartMan allows us to have better positioning of products that we have in our collections."

Sergio Luis Beleño Thermos Colombia Web Developer

"The best thing about SmartMan is that its interface is very user-friendly and easy to manage to organize our eCommerce products."

Andrea Galarza GO Pet Commercial Director

"The best thing about SmarMan is that I can order the store in just 5 minutes."

Alejandro Cifuentes Marketing Director of Prochampions

Discover SmartMan.AI, the solution that creates strategic visual merchandising experiences!

Optimize the products organization of your store in an agile way.

Custom combination of sort criteria by: inventory, inventory curve, brand, release date, unit sales, product views, and PDP visits.

Elevate your visual merchandising strategy with SmartMan.AI and create fascinating shopping experiences for your customers!

Experience the magic of automatic daily, monthly or weekly product ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Visual store display is a term used in retail to describe the art and science of developing the floor plans and multidimensional presentation of products in the store.

In the digital space, for ecommerce stores we can think of category navigation as the store layouts, and multidimensional presentation as the dynamic way of selecting products that changes according to specific conditions.

To integrate SmartMan with VTEX or Shopify, you need administrative access to your VTEX or Shopify account and an active SmartMan account. You must obtain and configure VTEX API credentials, such as the application ID and shared secret, in the SmartMan platform.

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Be sure to follow the instructions provided by SmartMan to complete the integration successfully. If you need additional help, contact SmartMan technical support.

You can receive support through our online chat, available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, Colombia time. You can also request assistance by sending an email to [email protected].

You do not need advanced technical knowledge to install SmartMan. Installation and configuration is usually straightforward and guided, and SmartMan’ s technical support team is available to help you in case you encounter any problems. However, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of how to generate your platform credentials and follow the instructions provided by SmartMan for a successful installation.

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